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The Emerald Warrior [userpic]
Valentine, Always Be Mine
by The Emerald Warrior (liana_bluestar)
at February 9th, 2007 (10:12 am)

Title: Valentine, Always Be Mine
theme: silk sheets
Community: 14_valentines
Pairing: Tohma Seguchi x Shuichi Shindou
Band: Nittle Grasper
Warnings: AU, fluffiness, relationships with a minor
Rating: Still on the PG13 side
Author's note: part of the Gentle Embrace series (it just keeps coming up!)
Summary: It was their first Valentine's celebration in America, and Tohma wanted it to be perfect, memorable.

Valentine's Day was just around the corner, and it had Tohma in a slight state of internal panic. It was the first time he would be celebrating the holiday in America, and with two wards in his care no less. Granted, February fourteenth would not mean all that much to Eiri. The pre-teen had not hit the age where girls were fascinating to him so Tohma had no worries there. He could give the youth an appropriate gift befitting his age. It was Shuichi that had the blond-haired man concerned.

In Japan, it usually fell to the girls to give the guys a gift of some kind on Valentine's Day. March seventeenth, a little over a month later, the guys would decided whether or not to reciprocate the gesture. Tohma did not want to do that, not when his relationship with Shuichi had changed. Though it was hardly in Tohma's nature to be overly demonstrative (thanks to his strict upbringing), he felt he could make an exception for the dark-haired teen who had captured his heart. Tohma also had to admit, if only to himself, he wanted the holiday to be a special one, for the both of them. If he had to celebrate Valentine's Day American-style, the blond-haired man was determined to do just that. He had everything planned down to the minute details, including a candlelit dinner and a movie. Tohma just had to find the perfect gift for Shuichi, something that would clearly tell the aspiring artist how he felt.

Somehow, red silk sheets had managed to factor into his plans.


Posted by: Ryuichi Sakuma - Lead singer for Nittle Grasper (sparkle4meandu)
Posted at: February 14th, 2007 03:48 am (UTC)


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