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EIRI-CHICK [userpic]
by EIRI-CHICK (pikachu_goddess)
at March 1st, 2007 (07:30 pm)

current mood: tired

Title: Passion's Heights
Author: EIRI-CHICK (-_-)=~
Fandom: Gravitation
Pairing: Hiro X Ryuichi. Everyone has a first time, this is a poem about theirs.
Band: Bad Luck
Genre: Smut
Word Count:323
Rating/Warnings: R
Warnings: M x M
Disclaimer: Sex between these two bishonen is a beautiful thing...and if I owned them, I'd watch!

Royal blue stares at smoky grey as soft music plays in the background.
Hands touch each other hesitantly as lips smile secrets across the table.
Retreating to the bedroom, lips hungrily touch as the two lovers kiss
Eyes close and hearts flutter as dual breaths meet and become one.
Lovers feel each others' heat as tongues touch and wrestle in warm mouths.

Undressing each other, both so shy at first, then with increasing speed
Passion outweighs society, doubts forgotten in the heat of the moment
Fear is pushed aside, guitarist's calloused fingers touching singer's intimate spot
Thighs part, tight muscles relax as red hair falls upon taut belly muscles
Unbidden they kiss once again, dual manhoods rising as one in the night

Whispering to each other words so tender, love and heat riding the same wave
Half-lidded eyes look at each other, seeing only the one they desire most
Rosebud lips unable to keep their kisses away from each other, again they touch
Hands and fingers explore each other most intimately as temperatures rise
Sighs and moans of pleasure fill the air between the two empassioned men

One enters the other, a gasp of fulfillment is heard, soon changing to moans
Thrusting, guitarist and singer together finally, their movements blend as one
Mossy hair clinging to perspiring forehead as the two are now joined most intimately
Trust is no longer doubted as they harmonize their movements, the world forgotten
Seeing only each other, individual heat stokes each other, a bonfire is born

Tapping the spot that brings stars to his eyes, the redhead delves even deeper
Crimson hair falling, mossy hair blending, all outside thoughts for now are gone
Electric blue eyes glaze in ecstasy, eyes smoky grey close as they soar together
Panting and trusting, they reach the highest heights, until they cry out as one
Falling to earth, strong arms catch each other as they once again rejoin humanity