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Para Que Tú Me Oigas

Because everybody can write

Gravitation drabbles
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The basic point to this community is to encourage writing and to have fun.

Any pairing is allowed, any rating and any themes. What must be clear though is warning people for things they might not want to read. Therefore, use the story format.

In case anybody's wondering, 'Para Que Tú Me Oigas' is a poem by Pablo Neruda and its English name is 'So That You Will Hear Me'. I just thought it sounded cool :P


-Post according to this format:
Subject Line: [non-challenge/challenge if taking part in the community challenge] Title of Fic

Band: (If doing the weekly Challenge)
Word Count:

-Please Give Concrit unless the author has specifically said they do not wish for any. No flames.

-No fighting over a writer's character/pairing preferences. Calm debate and discussion is allowed and encouraged, but harassment is not allowed. Yaoi is allowed, as is het and yuri.

-If your work is over 100 words or is rated NC-17, put it behind an lj cut.

-Your story should be beta read or at the very least, free of any glaring errors. Places to go for betaing include gravi_muse_meet and quickficsupport.

-Drabbles should range from 100-500 words. If you don't have a word counter or don't trust your word processor's word count, use this page: Word Count Drabbles should also stand on their own. It's alright to write a series of drabbles, but they should be able to be read separately and appreciated on their own.

-Non-drabbles/Artwork are allowed as long as they are based on the themes used in the challenges.

-All drabbles will be archived under memories unless otherwise noted.

-The Monthly challenge: Each Month a theme shall be issued. People who wish to participate, select a band to compete as, either Nittle Grasper, Bad Luck or ASK. For each successful drabble, the band you choose will get ten points. The challenge ends when the new theme of the week is posted and winners will be listed in order of who got the most points. There is no prize, just the fun of winning. You can post as many drabbles as you want for the challenge, but you can only have one band per month. You can change bands from month to month and you don't have to write about the characters in your band (for instance you could choose Bad Luck, but write about Taki). If you aren't able to find any inspiration for the month, that's fine too, you wont be kicked out for lack of particpation.

-If you're not sure about how writing a drabble works or are still confused, I recommend this article: Drabble Writing Basics.

You're welcome to check out our affiliated community: _50gravi_

In the end... we're just here to have fun, right? I hope this community will be enjoyed. :D

The icon we've got was made by dntfckwifme, many thanks to her, Kala and Nils. *Loves them* The brushes are courtesy of chouchoune.

Disclaimer: The fictional story Gravitation was created by Maki Murakami. What can be found in this community is non-profitable fiction based on that universe. No claims are being made on sceneries, storyline or characters from the manga/anime/novel or any other product connected to Gravitation.